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I’ve only recently gotten into pinterest but boy do I love it. Sure you can google up recipes or hairstyles and then what? Bookmark it? What if you want to revisit it? Once I started actively pinning, I did a major overhaul of my boards. They were a big ol’ mess. I had one of just recipes but I needed to keep my holiday baking ideas separate from my doughnut recipes ya know?? The usual struggles.

I’m getting to a point I promise.

I made a board called “holidaze” specifically for all my holiday themed sweets and treats. I had a field day searching through all the wonderful Halloween themed treats and deciding what to make this year! I didn’t want to over do it though because I didn’t have a huge party to go to, just a small gathering of friends, so I landed on cupcakes! I loved this brain decorating idea!

I dyed half of my vanilla frosting a very bright bubblegum pink (the only pink I had!). I refrigerated the frosting overnight. It always seems to pipe better when it is cold. Also, it is probably a good idea to work in smaller batches since the frosting warms up the more it is manipulated in the piping bag. However, I seem to go nuts and add all the frosting I can possibly fit in at once.

The brains took some time for me to get a rhythm going. First, I piped a straight line down the middle using a medium sized round tip. Then, I made a squiggly line on both sides. If you’re lucky, it will look like a brain. If you’re me, a couple will look like brains and the rest will look like butterflies. But you won’t know that since I only took pics of a good one 😉

With the other half of the frosting, I decorated the cupcakes with a spiderweb design. When I was a kid my mom used to make these spiderweb cupcakes every year, but I had never made the design myself. They were incredibly easier and simpler than I thought! I frosted the yellow cupcakes with a layer of vanilla frosting. Then, I used black decorating gel frosting to pipe a spiral starting in the middle and working my way out. Then, I took a toothpick and dragged it through the spiraled lines starting again in the middle and making my way out, and repeated until I made it all the way around. Usually my mom would top these off with a plastic spider ring, but she used them all to make her own Halloween popcorn hands! However, I did manage to find one left! IMG_2513IMG_2509

I also loved this simple idea to make witches’ hats! I am a big fan of Keebler fudge striped cookies, themed or otherwise, so naturally I was all for enhancing them with Hershey kisses. I had leftover Ghiradelli white chocolate melting wafers in my pantry and microwaved about 10 of them at 30 second intervals. I used these Ghiradelli melting wafers for my last round of cake pops back in March, and I will never go back to Wilton! Ok well maybe if the Ghiradelli ones aren’t on sale. But honestly these are the best for melting! The chocolate just melts so smoothly and effortlessly. There are no cracks or tails. It doesn’t dry on top of itself. I could go on and on. Hands down this chocolate is the bees knees if you are decorating cake pops. I can’t speak for any other treats because that is all I’ve used it for! Anyway, the witches’ hats. I added a bit of orange food coloring to the white chocolate, spooned a dollop on the bottom of an unwrapped Hershey kiss and secured to center of the cookie. Make sure the stripes are facing down. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of my finished product since they were so good! They were gobbled up with in a day or so! This is why I’m doughy.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!!

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