Bachelorette Party Weekend in Portland

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This past weekend, I threw a Bachelorette Party many months in the making for my wonderful sister, Katie, who is getting married December 27th. Ack that date is fast approaching! Anyway, the two of us flew to Portland along with two of her friends from high school to meet up with six of her college friends. We stayed at the Nines hotel which was very swanky but mostly adorable. Imagine if they made a Polly Pocket out a Tiffany’s box and *poof* you’d enter a room at the Nines. There was beautiful wallpaper, elegant glass chandeliers, Tiffany blue accents, as I mentioned: Tiffany’s box.

When I began planning the event, I wanted a theme. “Pretty in Pink” seemed like an easy one since it is my sister’s favorite color, and I thought it could somehow roll into an eighties theme because of the movie. Without really realizing it, the eighties theme pretty much got ditched. It was so difficult to plan an event in a city I didn’t live in or know anything about! I left most of the Portland plans to Katie’s friend who lives in the city. I made these tissue paper tassel that my aunt had bought on etsy for my sister’s bridal shower in August. We all loved them, and rather than pay $30 on etsy I decided to make them myself using this tutorial.

They proved to be a bit more difficult and time consuming than I had thought, but I think they turned out really great! Certainly fooled my sister though because she thought I had bought them! I used tissue paper in various colors of pink that I got from the dollar store, leftover gold curling ribbon that I had, lots of scotch tape, and leftover baker’s twine to hang it.

14 - 27


Next up on my list were goodie bags. When I searched “Bachelorette Party” on pinterest, these adorable hangover kits kept popping up so I used that list as a base for my goodie bags. I got these great pink bucket baskets from the dollar store and filled them with a base of pink colored easter basket straw. I added gum, plastic diamond rings, wedding ring shot glasses, hand sanitizer, wet naps, a pack of 2 tylenol, Emergenc-E, manicure kit, face mask, custom temporary tattoos from etsy, pink striped straw, party glass, and a Wooly Willy just for kicks. Trust me, after the first night, all the girls were very grateful to have been provided with aspirin! I found most everything easily at the dollar store and the rest at Target. I’m kicking myself for not remembering to include band aids! I already had them so no need to buy them, just forgot to include them 😦

My sister is extremely sentimental, so I bought a scrapbook and had all of her friends make a page. We put them all in and gifted it to her at the party. I printed out the invitation and inserted as the front cover of the book.

14 - 26



Katie’s friend Megan was a huge help in baking wonderful bachelorette themed treats for all the girls as well as making enough jell-o shots to booze up a small village.


Aren’t these cookies the most, to say the least? Megan took this picture before covering the cookies in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles!



There were plenty of fun games to keep us busy over the weekend. One I particularly enjoyed was this lingerie guessing game (above). I had all the girls bring lingerie that suited their own personalities and then Katie had to guess who it was from. She did not fare well since everyone arrived at various times and then hung up their gift. It became more a game of elimination. Oh, another tidbit, Katie wore pink and all the rest of the girls wore black on our big night out!

It was so great to get all of her friends together for this event. Everything worked out smoothly with everyone’s transportation and getting the hotel, getting everything there, putting the baskets together, decorations. I’m just so glad it all worked out and everyone had a nice time.

I’ve spent so much time prepping for this party and now that it’s over, I am slowly realizing how close we are to the wedding. My next project is to write my Maid of Honor speech. Can I plan more parties instead??

Now, can we take a moment to appreciate Portland in the fall?



Could not get enough of this Bridge, good thing there are nine other ones to enjoy!


San Francisco leaves just don’t change colors like this! And it wouldn’t be a trip to Portland without sampling some voodoo doughnuts!!



That basic chocolate doughnut rocked my world. It wins the award for biggest chocolate doughnut and best chocolate doughnut I have ever had. Not ashamed to say that I was only in town 3 days, and I visited Voo Doo doughnuts twice. The photo on the left is Friday night after waiting maybe 5 minutes, and the photo on the right is Sunday, after waiting about 30 minutes in line. Not shown? The 15 second video I took of the rotating glass doughnut case on Friday night because I was afraid I wouldn’t remember all the glory of it.

All in all the trip was a huge success!

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