New Year’s Eve Movie Roundup

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Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! For those of you spending the night in, I’ve rounded up some fun movies for you to watch while you ring in 2015!

Just as a forewarning, you will absolutely not find New Year’s Eve (2011) on this list. It is a poop movie. Sure there is the ensemble cast of like thirty A-List actors but the story lines are just awful. Like Gary Marshall assembled all these people and thought now what? And I can’t even forgive him because it is the second time he has done this [need we forget Valentine’s Day (2010)]. Sorry Gar Bear, but Richard Curtis you are not. If you’re itching for a Gary Marshall classic, pop in A League of Their Own, Pretty Woman, or treat yo self to a Princess Diaries double feature.

Now let’s get to the real list.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Now TBH, Billy Crystal as a young romantic lead makes me very uncomfortable, but dang this final scene. So sweet.

Sex and the City Movie (2008)

This movie is an all around entertaining film which feels like a Sex and the City marathon. Forget your worries and get lost in the New York City skyline and fashion. This New Year’s Eve scene reminds the audience of the fiercely loyal and everlasting friendship between these four women that was always at the heart of the show.

The Holiday (2006)

This final scene in the movie is too adorable. First of all, the Aretha Franklin song “You Send Me” sets a perfect backdrop for these two budding romances. But also you’ve got the two little girls dancing around. I also love when the couples switch dancing partners, so Jack Black dances with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law dances with Kate Winslet, and you’re kind of like yeah those are the more likely pairings.

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Ok so this one is kind of a cheat, but New Year’s Eve is an important catalyst for Bridget in this film. She vows to turn her life around, lose some weight, stop smoking, and make better decisions! And it sure is fun to watch her fumble through most of these things. Eventually, she gets some of these things right. Plus, Colin Firth.

Love Actually (2003)

Alright so if you thought the last one was a cheat, then this one is absolutely cutting it close. Come on! This is the ultimate Holiday film! Sure the film never actually shows New Year’s Eve, but there is Colin Firth so…

Over the years, this movie has become a Christmas time staple. It even celebrated its 10th Anniversary last year, and around that time I read this great article where the writer/director, Richard Curtis, did not understand why his movie was so beloved as a Christmas Classic. He said how while most of the stories are wonderful and uplifting, some of the others are quite sad and don’t get resolved. Of course, I can’t find that article, but here and here are ones where Curtis and cast members look back on the film.

This movie would be amazing no matter what the holiday setting, or even if it took place in September! The casting is phenomenal, the stories are artfully interwoven, and they are so diverse that there is something for everyone. It is quite difficult to find a favorite story, let alone a favorite scene but this one is fun.

Also, this film expires Jan. 1 on Netflix so hop to it!

Here is a list of the other movies/shows expiring from Netflix tonight.

Boy, will my Netflix instant watch list be decimated come midnight.

But, when Netflix deletes, they also add! So here are the titles to look forward to in 2015! It is only a matter of time before I have Mean Girls memorized from start to finish.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe night! See you in the New Year!

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