Wedding Cake & Cake Ball Favors

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I can’t believe it’s been a week since my sister got married! Last week was quite a whirlwind with Christmas Eve, Christmas, the rehearsal dinner, and then the Wedding day! We are still coming down from all the excitement.

There seemed to be so much stress leading up to the wedding; there was just so much to do! Katie and my Mom spray painted and decorated all the cans for the center pieces. Katie also did a lot of work crafting these framed silhouettes and banners covered in her and Shiraz’s childhood photos. I was most worried about the cake ball favors and the actual cake, which could not be made until closer to the day of the event. I was totally confident in the cake balls, but the wedding cake not so much, especially since a lot of people (including me!) had doubts after our first trial run… But it turned out beautifully! I was so elated that nothing went wrong! Well, a lot of people did get stuck in some nasty San Francisco traffic on the way over, but that seemed to be the only trouble for that amazing day!! With all the major projects done, we got to sit back and enjoy the fantastic party!

Katie and Shiraz (#teamsiddiqui) tied the knot on December 27th at the lovely Presidio Log Cabin in San Francisco. It was a beautiful ceremony that they wrote together, and their close friend officiated. Even my Uncle Lou got to reflect on his fifty years of marriage to my Aunt Cathy and speak about his wisdom! I was lucky enough to stand up there with them as the Maid of Honor.


Now back to that wedding cake.

I made the top tier a two layered 6 inch round with one Betty Crocker Strawberry cake mix (I swear I’m not sponsored by Betty, but hey I would not turn down the offer). The baking time was around 40 minutes. The leftover batter made 4 cupcakes. My Mom leveled both strawberry cakes so they’d have a nice flat surface. I gave them a crumb coating before placing them in the refrigerator for about 8 hours.

IMG_2979  IMG_2982  IMG_2983

I made the bottom tier a two layered 10 inch round with two chocolate fudge cake mixes. The leftover batter made 6 cupcakes. The baking time for the cakes was about 45 minutes. The pictures don’t quite show how rounded this cake ended up being. We probably should have leveled these out as well, but luckily it was hidden by the rosettes! This cake also sat in the fridge with its strawberry companion once it was crumb coated.

IMG_2986  IMG_2988  IMG_2989

My Mom and I took turns practicing our rosette swirling technique since we hadn’t done it since our trial run months ago. This tutorial helped a lot.


I should also note that the major problem I took away from the trial run is that the frosting melted after it was handled in the pastry bag for too long. Then, you would just pipe out circle blobs, which are not ideal for an elegant wedding cake! After we learned that, my Mom found this stiff decorating icing and bought it up wherever she could find it. We had 6 cans and used like 4 and a half of them to decorate this bad boy. Oh, also I have no pictures of the assembly! I inserted 3 wooden dowels into the base chocolate cake. The strawberry cake rested on a cardboard circle that was cut to the 6 inch round size. I then centered and placed this cake on top of the chocolate cake.

IMG_0982-001  IMG_0981-001  IMG_0980-001  IMG_0972-001

I had to slump down in my chair so that I could be eye level with the cake which definitely helped in making the rosettes. Ultimately, I decorated the entire cake since my Mom thought if she were to pipe any rosettes then they wouldn’t match…or something to that effect. I think she just didn’t want carpel tunnel from too much piping because man that frosting was difficult to work with! Mostly it was very stiff which was great for the cake decorating part but not so great for my little paws. There was also a lot of refilling into the piping bag (should have picked a bigger bag) which was a big ol’ mess. I should also mention that I used a 1M decorating tip.

IMG_0966-001  IMG_0994-001

IMG_2996  IMG_3005  IMG_3006


I am still in awe that I pulled it off and actually baked, assembled, and decorated that cake! I follow a blog called “P.S. I made this”, but I need to make one called “Shut Up! I Made This?!?” It looked even better than the pinterest photo Katie initially showed me! Well, probably because Katie made that gorgeous cake topper to go with it!


Newlyweds cutting their cake!

Let’s not forget about those cake ball favors!

I made three different kinds: vanilla with vanilla frosting, chocolate fudge with chocolate frosting, and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. We cleverly differentiated these flavors with different colored sprinkles (I think my Aunt Cathy was the only one to crack this code). The vanilla had gold sprinkles, the chocolate had chocolate sprinkles, and the yellow had orange sprinkles. There were three cakes, six bags of ghiradelli melting chocolate, and countless sprinkles which made over 200 cake balls. Katie also got these adorable stickers for the favor bags that matched her return address labels.

We baked the cakes, added the frosting, formed the cake balls, and put them in the freezer about a week before the event. (For detailed instructions on how to make cake balls, check out my previous post!) I foolishly thought we could decorate them in a couple hours…try 5! I did not take into account placing them in wrappers, then in bags, then cutting and tying ribbon, or the callous on my finger from tossing them in melted chocolate!


IMG_2940  IMG_2950  IMG_2945IMG_2943  IMG_2944  IMG_2959  IMG_2951  IMG_2957  IMG_2955


My Mom was worried we wouldn’t fill that basket but by the time we were done they were overflowing with cake balls! #dreamcometrue amirite??

And here are some more fun shots from the wedding!

B56o21tCQAA5d03  B56E-PuCUAIGCpX  IMG_3019  B56vAftCEAE0K4x

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