Bakery Review: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

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I have been meaning to visit Mr.Holmes Bakehouse ever since I found their instagram. If you care anything for decadent French pastries, do yourself a favor and follow them right now! They post pictures of piles of croissants, daily. Interestingly enough, my Instagram feed is flooded with pictures of pastries and puppies. Not sorry, I chose this life. My friend’s husband started this business venture with a pastry chef to wholesale pastries to local coffee shops but they finally opened a storefront in November 2014, just in time for Thanksgiving! I had to wait for the crowds to die down though since they were selling out of everything by 10:30 am!

I have been drooling over their photos a strawberry cream cheese cruffin. That’s right a cruffin, a cronut muffin. It’s a hybrid of a hybrid! Now, they are always trying new creations and flavor combinations, not to mention they never have the same items two days in a row! Because of this, I was not able to get my strawberry cream cheese cruffin. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back again!


Instead, I got a strawberry jam filled cruffin with peanut butter glaze and chopped peanuts.

IMG_3270  IMG_3271  IMG_3272

Oooh just look at those layers! Not until I took my first bite of this majestic creation did I realize that it was a peanut butter and jelly. duhh. But like the most gourmet peanut butter and jelly you will ever have (Sorry Smucker’s uncrustables). I loved every morsel of this cruffin. I usually avoid peanuts at all costs, but I was all about the peanuty crunch in this glaze. And the strawberry jam was amazing, ugh only made me yearn for that strawberry cream cheese cruffin more!


Would you just look at the strawberry jam cruffin cavern!

My only criticism would be that I have never thought so much about how best to eat a pastry. Like you can’t just take a bite of this cruffin. If you bite at the top, it’s all peanut butter. Or if you bite from the side you won’t even get any jam because there are millions of layers to get through! Now, I’m wondering if I should have taken a cue from this picture. There seems to be a delicate science behind eating a cruffin.

How could I go here and only get one thing? So naturally, I got a banana creme doughnut, as well.

IMG_3268  IMG_3276

IMG_3274  IMG_3278

This doughnut was pretty good! The dough and texture was great. However, I could have done without the banana creme filling. I think I’m just not a huge fan of bananas other than in my morning oatmeal. It’s something about once they’re cooked, they just kind of lose it for me. But I’m also not super adventurous with flavors, so it was either this one or a passion fruit filled doughnut. If this doughnut was filled with that strawberry jam however…I mean all bets are off.

Speaking of adventurous flavors, Mr. Holmes came up with the California Croissant. No way would you ever guess what it is: a California sushi roll wrapped in a croissant. Now an Indian burrito I can get on board with but this is some Frankenstein fusion food that I will never understand.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is killing it in terms of marketing and merchandising. I mean, look at this sign.


So many levels! And it’s hot pink! Well, not in this picture, but in person it absolutely is. They also sell merchandise like canvas tote bags that say “I got Baked in San Francisco” on them. The store, located on Larkin at Sutter, is actually pretty small, which I was not expecting from the pictures. They’ve made great use of the space with a lot of white tile all over, the neon sign, and a small seating area for customers. And by small, I mean like four milk crate seats. Oh and this adorable italicized “Holmes Sweet Holmes” tiled on the floor of the doorway. Everything is pink and gold and I want to live there! But I ultimately decided to take my treats to go, not because of the limited seating but because I had very few quarters for the nearby metered parking. I feel like you are getting the sense I don’t like the location, and you would be absolutely correct. Anything on Larkin Street makes me cringe. There’s a lot of one way streets and zero parking and everything is dirty. The only reason I am ever near Van Ness is for my twice a year dental cleaning. But I guess I’ll be heading over there more often now because I gotta have more Mr. Holmes cruffins!


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