Personal Skillet Brownie

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Sometimes, it’s 8 o’clock on a Monday night and there are no sweets in the house and you just need a brownie, ASAP.

No? Just me.

Yeah, this happens to me probably more than it should. But that’s a good thing because I’ve tried enough microwave brownie and chocolate chip cookie recipes to be the judge on what are the best!

And now since my delightful Aunt Cathy bought me this mini cast iron skillet, every night is pizookie night! (pizza cookie)


This handy brownie set came with two personal brownie mixes. I messed up for the first one since I failed to read the directions correctly. Good thing there was two! All I had to do was add 1 tablespoon water and 2 teaspoons vegetable oil, then bake for ten minutes. This brownie batter didn’t smell as great as usual brownie mix batter, so I made sure to taste it right out of the oven before I scooped any of my quality Baskin Robbins World Class Chocolate ice cream on it. So it wasn’t all that great. Didn’t taste much like a brownie, more like a chocolate graham cracker.

I probably should have been discouraged at this point, but I was all the more determined to make an amazingly gooey chocolate bed for my specialty ice cream!

I scoured pinterest for a personal brownie recipe. There’s a problem when you search mini skillet brownie recipe: they give you a recipe that serves five people. Personal brownie, party of 1 please! So I had to get creative with my searching, and found a recipe for a microwave brownie in a cup.

IMG_3294  IMG_3295  IMG_3297

Rather than microwave the brownie, I popped my baby skillet in the oven at 350° for 12 minutes.

IMG_3299  IMG_3300  IMG_3301  IMG_3303  IMG_3302     IMG_3305  IMG_3307  IMG_3310

Would you look at all those spoons! It looks like I shared. LOLOLOL

The skillet is actually pretty shallow, like maybe half an inch. I mean if it’s such a problem, I’ll just use a ramekin. I was a bit surprised by it, kind of like when you order a pizookie at BJ’s. Those are so thin! And every time I order one I’m like no way is this big enough! Then I force myself to eat the whole thing, then end up feeling sick and hating myself. But honestly I should use this mini skillet for portion control at every meal, because I really only ate about half of this brownie sundae.

Also, this brownie recipe was really really good, but tasted more like a cookie than a brownie. It was a bit dry and dense, but maybe if I had melted some of the semi-sweet chocolate or added chocolate syrup, that might have moistened it up a bit.

Great, quick, and easy late night treat that I would definitely make again. And the option to microwave for only 45 seconds! Oh what a world we live in where delicious chocolate goodies are right at your finger tips!

I’ll definitely update when I try out a chocolate chip cookie pizza in this skillet!

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