Linzer Hearts

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What better way to prepare for Valentine’s Day than with some heart shaped sandwich cookies?

I saw these adorable cookies on pinterest and knew I had to make them in February!

These are also one of my Mom’s favorite cookies. I had to give them a try since I don’t have all that much experience making 1. sandwich cookies and 2. cookies with jam!

I was also very particular when picking out a jam for this recipe. I am a classic concord grape jelly kind of gal. It is sugary sweet and contains zero seeds. I cannot stand seeds, which is why I usually avoid all other jellies and jams. However, a couple years back my Mom started making strawberry jam using fresh sweet (practically candy) strawberries from a stand in Sonoma. That is about how diverse I get in my jam tastes. This recipe called for raspberry jam, which I like but those darn seeds! But bless the advancements in our worlds, Smuckers has a seedless raspberry jam! perfect for seeding hating people like me.

With my seedless jam ready, it was time to get started on these cookies.

IMG_3375  IMG_3376  IMG_3378  IMG_3385  IMG_3380  IMG_3391  IMG_3394

I didn’t have the 3/4 almonds needed for this recipe so I substituted 1 cup of almond meal. The consistency was way off. I knew when I wrapped the dough to chill for 2 hours, that it was too wet and probably needed more flour but I think I was just hoping for the best. Sure enough, when I took it out of the fridge, it was cold but way too soft. No way could I cut a shaped out of it. I added flour little by little and ultimately added about a 1/2 cup to the dough before it became the right consistency.


And also looked a bit like Wilson from Castaway…

I wrapped this dough up and put it back in the fridge for an hour.

IMG_3396  IMG_3400  IMG_3402

Much better! Most times the heart shape popped out when I lifted the cookie cutter. But this dough was incredibly fickle, fragile, and all around difficult to work with! I had cut the dough in half and worked in waves. While I was shaping and cutting one half, the other half was chilling in the refrigerator and then I kept switching them out. The dough needs to be as cold as possible before going into the oven in order to keep its shape. Definitely going to send the wrong message to your love with a misshapen/melted heart cookie. Also, you need to count as you go and make sure that you will have enough bottom heart cookies and the same amount of top hearts with little hearts cut out to make a perfect jamwich!

I paired up all the perfect matches and put them in a tupperware overnight before spreading them with the jam.


IMG_3408  IMG_3410  IMG_3412   IMG_3414  IMG_3416  IMG_3418IMG_3417  IMG_3420  IMG_3427IMG_3432

I might be guilty of filling these cookies with too much jam but really is there such a thing?! Also, over dusting them with powdered sugar but no one complained about that either. The cookie itself has great texture. It is similar to a shortbread but not quite as soft and with a bit of kick from the cinnamon, very subtle though. These cookies could be cut into any shape as well! Some I didn’t even bother to cut out a smaller shape; I just sandwiched two hearts together.

IMG_3435  IMG_3436  IMG_3451IMG_3437  IMG_3454  IMG_3442  IMG_3439  IMG_3447  IMG_3456

And I luuuhv the addition of almond to any cookie, especially in this recipe. It called for ground almonds as well as a touch of almond extract. The cookies are quite good on their own, but certainly sweeter with the jam. Instead of taking these little heart cutouts and rolling them out again, I baked them so I could have some sweet little heart cookies. Also, check out my adorable new mint colored cake stand from Marshall’s!

The almond cookie perfectly complemented the sweet raspberry jam. I actually liked them better the next day. The cookies were originally pretty crisp. So after sitting overnight in a jamwich, they softened a bit and had a more crumbly texture. All in all, so scrumptious but a lot of work! Not sure I would make them again anytime soon because they were very time consuming, even spreading the jam and making the sandwich. I almost just sifted some powdered sugar on top of the last 4 cookies, so I didn’t have to spread any more jam. But I could see myself making these just once a year for Holidays. These are very sweet and festive in the heart shape! They would also be cute around Christmas time in a star shape.


Check back soon for some more festive Valentine’s Day treats!

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