How to host the most amazing Oscar Party!

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Happy Oscar Day! Tonight is the 87th Academy Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Now as much as this show is about the recognizing cinematic achievement, it’s really about the red carpet, the fashion, and the host. What better way is there to enjoy all that than by judging it with a group of friends?? Here is a list of food, drink, and games to ensure that you will host the best Oscar viewing party yet!



Pop some plain old fashioned popcorn in the microwave. Each guest gets their own bucket (Party City & Oriental Trading have all kinds) of popcorn to season however they desire! Put out seasonings like ranch, white cheddar, kettle, and garlic parmesan. All of these flavors are available at a grocery store or target, but that can get a little pricey. They also have caramel, butter, and kettle corn flavors, which just makes me uncomfortable. How do you make a caramel flavor in powder form?? I would say just make a few bags of movie theater butter, kettle corn, and plain. Mix together a bit of grated parmesan cheese with garlic salt and you have Garlic Parmesan! Buy a couple seasoning packets of ranch (only a dollar), and BOOM Ranch flavor! Then maybe just buy cracker jacks caramel popcorn? There that’s five flavors! I mean, come on, you’re not a magician.


Unlike my friend Fabiola, who makes her own popcorn!! Like she pops it on the stove then tosses it in her own homemade caramel sauce. Forget Christmas presents! Fabs’ popcorn has become the only thing I look forward to every year. Plus, she branched out into different flavors and gave me the best birthday gift ever: sample batches of cookies ‘n cream and birthday cake flavored popcorn. I’ll give you a tip: it involves a lot of melted white chocolate. Check out the photo of me gingerly cradling those gallon bags, above.

Hostess with the actual mostess, if you go above and beyond and follow this recipe by bakerella. I am obsessed with these cookies! I wish she listed the time it takes to make these cookies in the recipe, but sadly I only know that the icing takes “several hours” to dry. I estimate these cookies would take me several days to make. But hey, you want really impress your guests, crank out a dozen of these bad boys! Or maybe, like 3 — don’t kill yourself!

You can’t go wrong with these black tie formal cheese and crackers combination! But really you can never go wrong with any kind of cheese and crackers. Cut bell peppers and olives to craft the perfect tux for these cheese wedges!


Cake balls are the best poppable dessert for party goers. Jazz them up with some gold sprinkles or dusting sugar, like I did for these wedding favors. Don’t have time for cake balls? Make cupcakes! They are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and that is a fact.


As your guests arrive, make sure to hand them a red carpet tini. This champagne cocktail combines raspberry, pomegrante, and orange flavors, perfect for enjoying during the Red Carpet Pre-Show.


Get the recipe here.

Here are a few drinks inspired by some of this year’s nominated films.

American Sniper


Red, White, and Blue shooters, “a layered shot so each ingredient is poured on top of the previous (pour 1/3ounce grenadine into shot glass, float 1/3 ounce peach schnapps on top, followed by floating 1/3ounce blue curacao).” via detroit news


????????????????????????????????????????Relive your childhood with a nice cold glass of chocolate milk. I like to use a tablespoon or so of Hershey’s chocolate syrup and stir with a cup of milk. It’s not an exact science, but you can adjust per your own tastes.



My go to drink of choice: a gin & tonic. In Birdman, one of the characters is such a method actor that he can’t use the prop drink because it doesn’t look real. He insists on drinking real gin during his scenes.

The Theory of Everything

Snakebite suggest a Snakebite, not an obvious choice to go with this movie but I understand their reasoning. The drink combines hard cide and beer, very popular in the UK pubs. This drink is reminiscent of early scenes in the movie showing the couples courtship around the local Cambridge pub scene.

These are just a few examples, but mostly there should be plenty of champagne to go around for everyone!


Number one objective to your party: gold everything. Find gold and black balloons, star cutouts, streamers — Party City has everything! They even have plastic gold oscar statuettes that you and your friends can use to practice your own award acceptance speeches! Make your own tassel garland like I did here but instead use black and gold tissue and ribbons.

Another suggestion is to use an actual red carpet in your entryway so guests can walk over it as they arrive. Any carpet would do or you can get some red felt or fabric from the craft store.

DIY Photo Booth

While they are announcing such exciting categories as “sound mixing” head on over to the photo booth! Get some foil door hanging curtains or a red velvet curtain, glittery stars, balloons, and celebrity cutouts to use as your backdrop.

Then, you will need props to look the part of an oscar party attendee! Some white gloves, a feather boa or fur wrap, necklaces, black bow tie, sunglasses, gold oscar statuettes, movie signage or a film real.

Set up a camera on a tripod with a self timer or just get someone to snap your pics, and you are good to go!

Personal Ballots

Print out an oscar ballot for each of your guests using this free printable. Have everyone place their guesses as to who will win the best oscars in each category this year! Who ever has the most correct wins a prize, like movie tickets or a copy of one of the nominated films.

Oscar Bingo

Everyone grab your pennies and get ready to play BINGO! Who doesn’t love BINGO?! And this one is tough because you will really have to pay attention during the show otherwise you might miss one of these spaces! These cards are also super specific to this year’s show. One of the spaces reads “NPH sings!” I mean, that should just be considered a free space right?

Alright, there you have it. My how to guide for throwing the perfect Oscar party. Just remember, use anything that suggests elevated sophistication, glitz, and glamor! That’s all you need for a wonderful party always! Enjoy the Oscars! Oh no, it’s starting!

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