Lemon Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze

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It has been so warm here lately. What ever happened to winter? I prefer when it’s foggy and chilly outside so I can cozy up with a cup of tea and a nice warm scone. Then, I get to show off one of my great mugs from my extensive collection here!

My Mom recently got these amazing fresh lemons from my brother’s garden up North. They are huge! Like the size of an orange. And they are so sweet! I like to add a lemon wedge to my green tea with a bit of honey and it tastes so good! That sweetness from the lemon really makes a difference!

With the abundance of these great lemons, I thought I’d try a recipe that I  pinned ages ago, glazed lemon blueberry scones.

Now most of the time I am strictly chocolate, but my love of lemon started about a year ago when I tried my first box of Savannah Smile girl scout cookies. They were so incredibly refreshing but also sweet and crunchy! Like a lemon shortbread cookie covered in powdered sugar. They just got everything right. I gobbled that box of cookies up in less than a day. I was also pleased to learn something knew about myself: I like lemon. Now if you’ve never tried these cookies, go out and get some! If you are lucky, there is a group of girl scouts camped out in your neighborhood as they certainly seem to be lately in mine! But if you, like me, are outraged that they are now 5 bucks a box (despite the box being smaller!), pick up a box of lemon coolers. They are not quite as good but they definitely get the job done!

Making these scones definitely had its ups and downs. For example, zesting lemons is really hard! Once any juice comes out of the lemon or the skin has water on it, forget it! The zest just starts grating as a big ol lemony goo mess. I needed two tablespoons of zest for the dough and used about 3 lemons and still only got a bit over one tablespoon. I used the remainder for what was needed in the glaze.

Also, this recipe called for a cup of fresh blueberries but I used frozen blueberries which were so miniature compared to regular blueberries. When it came time to incorporate them into the dough, I only used half a cup. I folded them into the dough after I had folded the dough a few times on the cutting board. I could only add half a cup before the blueberries starting getting smushed and turning the dough purple! I think it all worked out in the end though.

IMG_3531  IMG_3525  IMG_3527  IMG_3528  IMG_3533  IMG_3534  IMG_3535  IMG_3537  IMG_3540  IMG_3538  IMG_3543  IMG_3545  IMG_3544   IMG_3548  IMG_3549  IMG_3551IMG_3553  IMG_3557  IMG_3559

These scones were absolute delight, probably due in large part to the perfectly ripe lemons! They were sweet and not too lemony (I was also missing a tablespoon of lemon zest that the recipe called for though!), granted there was a lot of lemon to go around. The scone had lemon zest and lemon juice, and the glaze was solely lemon juice, zest, and powdered sugar. The blueberries paired really well with the lemon flavor as well. Also, the texture was spot on! They were real dense and thick, almost cake like. And not surprisingly, they were much better the next day, after they had a day to sit and all the great flavors had a chance to meld and marinate some more together.

IMG_3560  IMG_3562  IMG_3563  IMG_3567  IMG_3565

I also had the pleasure of having a scone with Dad over coffee and tea! I used this adorable mug that i got for Valentine’s Day. My Dad used his All Star Dad mug that I’m fairly certain he’s had since before I was born. Well, now you know, personal mugs are certainly a family thing.

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