Lucky Charms Treats

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We are already in March! I can’t believe this year is going by so fast! Maybe it’s too early to start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day, but I saw all these great recipes using Lucky Charms cereal and I just had a craving!

Lucky Charms cereal was my jam when I was a kid! Mostly anything chocolate/sugary would do, but this cereal especially. My brother and I used to fight over this cereal. We would each pick the itty bitty colorful marshmallows out so we wouldn’t have to eat any gross cheerio tasting shapes. And it was always a better idea in theory than in its execution. Because really the marshmallows get soggy so much faster than the actual cereal! So really you’re just eating sweetened soggy marshmallow milk. But then the next person who poured out the cereal would be so annoyed because there were no marshmallows left!

I always feel terrible when I talk to friends and they say their parents didn’t allow them to have sugary cereals growing up. They could only have raisin bran or cheerios (not even honey nut!). It’s really just too bad for them. Thankfully, no matter how hard my Mom tried to make her kids eat well, it was three against one, and we really broke her down into getting the best (worst) cereals for us. But I think this worked out for the better. Because now it is out of my system and these cereals aren’t as good to me now! Well, I mean obviously they are, I pretty much devoured these Lucky Charms Treats in a day, but Lucky Charms with milk, I don’t like need to eat every morning in order to be a functioning person, unlike my nine year old self.

IMG_3578  IMG_3581

I got this box of Lucky Charms from Target and was so happy to see it was a “throwback” box! Look at that cute little retro leprechaun! I was hoping the cereal inside would also be retro, like the original marshmallow shapes they had when the cereal first came out. Unfortunately, it was today’s marshmallow shapes, which apparently has turned into a lot of hats.


Five hats to be specific! Of all the shapes, why hats?? Shouldn’t there be a pot of gold? Or like a circle gold coin? The yellowish hat with the blue clover inside is the usual hat I remember but the green and orange one is way cuter and actually looks like the hat he wears! The purple hat, the orange hat, and the blue hat looks like someone at the factory just had a field day making marshmallows. P.S. why is there an hour glass??

Anyway for this recipe you’ll need:

  • 6 cups Lucky Charms Cereal
  • 10 oz mini marshmallows
  • 1/4 cup butter (I used unsalted)
  • Extra Lucky Charms marshmallows for top
  • 9×13 pan coated in non-stick cooking spray

via The Lady and the Blog

Melt the butter in a large pot on the stove then add marshmallows.

IMG_3582  IMG_3584  IMG_3586  IMG_3587  IMG_3588

Once marshmallows are completely melted, remove from heat and toss in your cereal! Stir all together so that cereal is completely coated in marshmallow.

IMG_3591  IMG_3592  IMG_3593

Now for the most valuable advice I can give you in this process: Work fast! Work as fast as you possibly can because this stuff cools very fast and once it does there is no more shaping it! Once all the cereal is coated, pour the mixture into the pan previously sprayed with non-stick spray. Then spray your hands with cooking spray or rub with butter in order to spread the cereal mixture evenly into the pan. Warning: the mixture will be very hot! But honestly, this works best when you use your hands. I tried spraying a spatula with cooking spray and using that to spread, but it’s just not worth it. My Mom usually does this step effortlessly every other time I’ve made these kind of cereal treats, so she must be some kind of sorceress.

Then, while everying is still hot and melty, carefully arrange those extra magically delicious marshmallows on top for garnish and enhanced presentation.

IMG_3595  IMG_3597

I also added some green shamrock sprinkles to give it more of a St.Patrick’s Day flair to it. Allow your treats to set up for an hour or two before cutting into them.

Now for some up close and personal shots.

IMG_3598  IMG_3599  IMG_3601  IMG_3602  IMG_3603  IMG_3604  IMG_3605  IMG_3606  IMG_3607  IMG_3608  IMG_3609  IMG_3610  IMG_3611  IMG_3612  IMG_3613    IMG_3616  IMG_3617  IMG_3618  IMG_3619  IMG_3620

In conclusion, this cereal is just as good now as it was when I was a kid, considering I ate handful after handful of dry cereal while looking up this recipe. Then, probably ate four treats while I was taking these pictures. They were magically disappearing right before my eyes!!

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