Brownie Pots o’ Gold

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IMG_3679Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone! How cute are these brownie pots of gold! I saw them on pinterest, and just knew I had to recreate it for St. Patrick’s Day! I love the surprise sprinkle bomb when you bite in to it. Of course, I did have some modifications than the original recipe. Number one being that I was not about to make brownies from scratch. Not to say that I never have! But it’s a little difficult to do when a perfectly good brownie mix is sitting patiently in your pantry.


I also had a lot of these leftover gold sprinkles from my sister’s cake ball wedding favors. And I had leftover frosting sitting in the fridge. Chilled frosting is the best for piping. It allows the frosting to really hold its shape, so that when you use a fancy tip to pipe your frosting it actually looks good rather than becoming a big old blobby frosting mess.

IMG_3648  IMG_3649  IMG_3651IMG_3653  IMG_3655

This brownie mix box made 24 mini muffin size brownies and about three regular size cupcake/muffins. This is where things get a little dicey. Brownies are incredibly difficult to get out of muffin tins! I greased the hell out of these pans with cooking spray, and I still had to delicately work these brownies out of their muffin tin homes that they had decided to live in forever. I took a knife and cut around the brownie to loosen it up, and just when things are going well…the brownie collapses when you take it out. Because of this, I think this recipe would go a lot better with cupcakes. At least that way they are in cupcake liners! Way easy to remove from the pan! Then, just take a spoon and scoop a part of the top of the cupcake out to put the sprinkles inside.

For these brownies, you take the end of a wooden spoon and push down in the center to make a well for the golden sprinkle surprise. Pizzazzerie, who originally posted this recipe, had the cutest idea to only put gold sprinkles in one of these brownies, and then have a prize for the lucky winner. That would be absolutely adorable if you were going to a family party with a lot of kids.

IMG_3657  IMG_3660  IMG_3659IMG_3662  IMG_3669  IMG_3663IMG_3666  IMG_3667  IMG_3670IMG_3671  IMG_3673

I had such a fun time decorating these treats. The original post has a beautiful sparkly green shamrock in each brownie. But I had loads of sprinkles and imagination at my disposal. I had two kinds of shamrock sprinkles and green jimmies with what appear to be white snowflakes in them. Regardless, I used them and they were adorable. The second container of shamrock sprinkles were two different shades of green — very intricate for sprinkles! Then I sprinkled them on the frosted brownie and realized they were shamrock sprinkles with Christmas tree sprinkles mixed in there. God Bless you Mama Slattery. Always a fan of condensing. So between snowflakes, shamrocks, and Christmas trees, these brownie treats covered more holidays than I intended.

IMG_3678  IMG_3677  IMG_3675IMG_3680  IMG_3693  IMG_3690


IMG_3683  IMG_3692  IMG_3685

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