Chewy Lemon Cookies

Baking, Cookies


I could not resist making these chewy lemon snowdrop cookies because they looked so  beautiful! Oh, they look like soft lemon pillows! And if you read my post about lemon blueberry scones, then you know I have been up to my elbows in lemons as of late. This recipe required the juice of one lemon. Hm I’m gonna need you to be more specific because the lemon I used gave me 1/3 of a cup juice! Unheard of when it comes to lemons! Well, because of this I needed to add some extra flour in the dough, and ultimately made a lot more cookies than the predicted 24. I also made the cookies very small, like less than a teaspoon size ball, and they were so sweet and tiny! This also accounts for how many more cookies I was able to make, but they were easy and poppable!

I used this recipe for the cookies. It called for 1/4 cup of honey, seemingly in place of any eggs. I had never baked with honey before so that was fun to try! I don’t know if I’d do it again though, because it is no easy feat to get 1/4 out of a honey bear!

IMG_3742  IMG_3744

IMG_3746  IMG_3747  IMG_3749 IMG_3750  IMG_3752

The cookies will seem underbaked when you first take them out of the oven but that is ok! If you keep them in any longer, then they will be over baked and no longer soft and chewy! They puff up beautifully in the oven, then fall a bit as they cool.

IMG_3763  IMG_3758  IMG_3760  IMG_3764  IMG_3768  IMG_3767   IMG_3771  IMG_3772  IMG_3774 IMG_3775  IMG_3777  IMG_3780IMG_3779  IMG_3781  IMG_3783

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