Baked & Glazed Chocolate Doughnuts

Baking, Chocolate


In honor of National Doughnut Day, I had to post about doughnuts!

Bless Krispy Kreme for honoring this revered holiday by giving out a free doughnut of any kind!! Depending on how I’m feeling, I like to go for the classic chocolate cake doughnut with glaze or powdered strawberry jelly doughnut, which is exactly what I did today…


I went for both!! And they were divine!

A little while back I had a real craving for this Krispy Kreme chocolate cake doughnut! Although I’ve dabbled in frying doughnuts before, I thought I’d go for baking them since it is a healthier option, and also I had the doughnut pan.

I figured I could use a chocolate cake mix, since I have definitely seen recipes for cake doughnuts made with cake mix on pinterest, but of course when you are looking for it, you can’t find it! I used this recipe instead which used yogurt. I had a vanilla flavored yogurt so I just added a bit less vanilla extract than was needed. The recipe is also for doughnut holes, so with the pan I made about 9 doughnuts.

You know how some doughnuts are called cake doughnuts but they don’t really taste like cake? Well these absolutely taste like cake. I felt like I was eating a cupcake in the shape of a doughnut. The batter was different than cake batter though; it was a bit thicker and more elastic. But once it was baked, it really just tasted like cake. They were definitely good! Maybe I was just disappointed because I wanted a Krispy Kreme doughnut and got a doughnut shaped cupcake instead. The difference could also have been in the baking instead of frying. I also chose not to use chocolate glaze but rather vanilla glaze to make them just like the Krispy Kreme version, but I have learned that nothing compares to the original Krispy Kreme!

IMG_3963  IMG_3964  IMG_3965 IMG_3968  IMG_3970  IMG_3971 IMG_3974  IMG_3975  IMG_3976 IMG_3977  IMG_3986

Happy National Doughnut Day, my doughy babes!

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