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New Year’s Eve Movie Roundup

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Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! For those of you spending the night in, I’ve rounded up some fun movies for you to watch while you ring in 2015!

Just as a forewarning, you will absolutely not find New Year’s Eve (2011) on this list. It is a poop movie. Sure there is the ensemble cast of like thirty A-List actors but the story lines are just awful. Like Gary Marshall assembled all these people and thought now what? And I can’t even forgive him because it is the second time he has done this [need we forget Valentine’s Day (2010)]. Sorry Gar Bear, but Richard Curtis you are not. If you’re itching for a Gary Marshall classic, pop in A League of Their Own, Pretty Woman, or treat yo self to a Princess Diaries double feature.

Thanksgiving Movie Roundup

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As you prep away in the kitchen for the big meal, I thought I’d make some recommendations for when it’s finally time to sit down and relax. It’s really hard to find Thanksgiving movies these days, especially since come November 1st everyone seems to bypass Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas! And there is certainly no shortage of Christmas movies out there! And sure ABC Family would not get much hype over a so many days of Thanksgiving Marathon, but maybe that’s because they haven’t found the right movies!