Baked & Glazed Chocolate Doughnuts

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Italian Almond Raspberry Birthday Tart



Wedding Cake & Cake Ball Favors

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Wedding Cake: Trial Run

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This December, my sister’s pinterest wedding dreams will become a reality when she marries her longtime love! It has been the talk of the family for months while we collected multiple soup cans, pasta jars, mason jars, and big enchilada sauce cans to spray paint gold, fill with flowers, and use as table center pieces. A large part of this wedding will be D.I.Y. ed to save on costs. My sister mastered calligraphy a couple of years ago, so she addressed the invitations. And finally, I, along with my mom, will be making the cake!! Yay? It sounded a lot better five months ago, but as the date gets closer and closer, I’m getting more nervous!