Italian Almond Raspberry Birthday Tart




This is Why I’m Doughy: Welcome!


Hello! Welcome to my brand new and first ever blog! I hope to share my adventures in baking as well as my frequent bakery visits here.

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The best bakers start at three years old.

Baking has always been an important part of my life. I learned everything I know from my mom, mostly how to get creative with ingredients in the kitchen. Overly ripe bananas, over grown zucchini, sour milk, my mom can find a baking solution for anything. But there is one considerable difference between our baking techniques: measuring. I guess it makes sense when she’s been baking for over fifty¬†years, it becomes redundant to look at a recipe. The other night I was helping her make pumpkin cream cheese bread and she never looked at the recipe even though it was next to her mixing bowl. She saw me measuring out the ingredients for the cream cheese bit and said, “How cute, you measure.”